Sunday, July 11, 2010


When Gryphen, at The Immoral Minority, first posted about the evidence showing that there was more than one baby, everything just clicked into place. It explained so much! Including the apparent difference in the size of the babies, taken just days apart.

1. I believe it is too far fetched to believe that there are two baby boys, both born with Down Syndrome, born approx the same time, to two different mothers, and that BOTH of the mothers would agree to give Sarah Palin their sons to be used as one baby. A baby she would present to the world as her biological son that she would call, Trig. I'm not sure why one mother would allow this to happen, but I cannot believe that two different mothers would be ok with this. Also, while it might be possible to keep one woman quiet, trying to keep two women quiet about something this insane would be extremely difficult.

2. Obviously, if there is just one mother, then the babies are twins. I believe they are identical twins because if they were fraternal twins, the chances that they would both have Down Syndrome would be much lower. Down Syndrome is a chromosome disorder. Identical twins have the exact same DNA. Also, if you look back at the pictures I provide on my posts of the baby switch, you can see on the face of the two babies that they look very much alike. If it were not for the ears, it would be hard to tell them apart. In fact, if they are identical twins, it may be the reason that Palin felt secure enough to switch them. Why not? They look exactly alike! Of course, she didn't take into account cameras with high resolution, long-range lens!

I'm looking forward to hearing any other thoughts on the matter.

My First Post As A Blogger.

I have been running a web site called Palin Peyton Place. A link to it can be found on the side bar. I have had people ask me to start a forum like 'Blogger' so they can know when I have updated my posts. I have been resisting this because unlike many of the fine bloggers that I follow, I only post and update when I feel that I have some new information or insight that I can offer.

Recently though, there has been a 'push' in the blogging community to focus on Sarah Palin's pregnancy hoax. I have decided to go head and work to try to get this message out further. If you would like to see what I have posted at this point in time, click on the link to my web site to get caught up to date.