Friday, February 11, 2011

Immoral Minority Blogger, gets interview with Shailey Tripp.

Gryphen, the blogger who runs 'Immoral Minority', landed an interview with Shailey Tripp. If you haven't heard about her by now, she is the massage therapist who has stated that she had been having an affair with Todd Palin from 2007 - 2008.

She also talks about giving Sarah Palin a massage, (including a abdominal massage) in early 2008, before she announced her 'pregnancy'. The information is extremely interesting! I encourage everybody to read it.

Immoral Minority transcript of the interview with Shailey Tripp.

I will be writing another post I hope this week. Right now I'm doing some research to put it all together. Hope to have it done soon.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Part 2 - How to Fake a Labor and Delivery in a Hospital. But What About...

I'd like to address a couple of issues that some people brought up in the comments. They are important, and a large part of the reason people have problems with believing that Sarah Palin faked being pregnant with Trig.

The main issue tends to be that there would be at least a couple of staff members that would HAVE to come into the room to do a procedure or monitor vital signs because it might be hospital protocol. Or, the nurse supervisor and/ or Risk Manager would be notified in this situation. Let me take those issues one by one.

Part of this is the psychological aspect of it. How could a doctor and a high profile politician conceive of doing something like this, much less, get away with it? That will be the next post. This post will focus on the nuts and bolts of how a faked pregnancy could be gotten away with in a public hospital.

First of all, I can't speak for Alaska, but here in GA you can have your own private nurse monitor you at a hospital if you want. That nurse does not have to be affiliated with that hospital. When it would periodically happen at the larger hospitals I worked at, typically we would give that nurse the patient's chart for her to chart on through the night (or day). As long as the nurse was licensed, there wasn't a problem. It was a win-win situation for the hospital.

1. It was done at the patients request.
2. The nurse would be licensed in that state.
3. A nurse would be freed up to add another patient to her work load.
4. The hospital would benefit from the extra help, without having to pay her wages or taxes. The patient was paying for her.

The hospital is allowed to turn responsibility of charting, recording and monitoring over to that nurse. That nurse would take orders from the patient's doctor and record the doctor's order in the chart. If that nurse needed assistance with anything, she or he would either come to the nurses station or push the call button and one of us would help them. Other than that, we typically would not bother them. After all, that patient is theoretically getting the best care by having a nurse care for them with a 'one-on-one' bases.

Now imagine it is not a nurse providing that one-on-one care. It is the patient's doctor. A doctor that has staff privileges at that hospital. And the patient just happens to be the governor of the state of Alaska. If the doctor says that the governor does not want to be disturbed, and she is closely monitoring the situation, she is not going to be bothered! That doctor will be ordering any test or procedures that she wants to done. If there is not actual pregnancy, nothing needs to be done. I imagine she might hang a I.V. to make it look good, but she doesn't actually have to hang Pitocin to induce labor. There is no pregnancy! She is able to record in the chart the normal procedures that are done without doing them. I'm not saying that a nurse would not have been involved also, I'm saying that just having a doctor involved alone could be done, and I imagine the less people involved might be safer for Sarah and CBJ.

As far as the concern that the hospital Supervisor or Risk Manager might intervene, not necessarily in this situation. Those in upper management are under political pressure as much as any other state service related job. Here they are dealing with the governor of Alaska! At this point, her reputation about being vicious and vindictive with people who anger her is probably well known (source:palingates). Her doctor is most likely assuring them that the situation is under control. Her church runs the board of directors(source:palin's deception)

Also, this was done at night. Most of the upper management works during the day. This all took place in one shift period. I don't imagine this was a situation that they could have foreseen happening. By the time more people could be informed at to what was happening, it was over.

Here is the thing. If you believe that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy, as all of the evidence points to, then you have to believe that something went on at the hospital, there is no way around that. You also have to believe that Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson was involved in it. There is no way around that either. The scenario I have presented shows how this could have been done without too much difficulty. Later, when the hospital had a chance to review what had happened in depth, I imagine questions were raised and discussed. But again, would they really have wanted to have pushed on this when the odds were stacked against them?

I believe that that is why Trig was not listed as being born there. I don't believe that Sarah didn't list it for privacy reasons, having it listed would only help her. I believe that this tale was so outlandish that a decision was made by upper management to not allow it to be listed. There was nothing that could be done after the fact, and they had to protect their reputation, but I imagine that there were those who would be upset that the hospital had been used as a part of this hoax.

I will do a separate post on the psychological aspects of why and how someone would be involved in this type of deception.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How To Fake Labor And Delivery At A Hospital

Even with all of the overwhelming evidence that Sarah Palin faked the pregnancy where she claimed that Trig Palin is her biological son, there are people who sincerely believe that this couldn't be the case.  They are not Palin supporters, but they don't believe that a hoax of this magnitude could be pulled off at a hospital.  "How, could she have gotten away with this when there are so many doctors, nurses, techs, ect, that would see her and be involved with her care?"

Well, it actually wouldn't be that difficult.  Not if you have someone on the inside who is willing to go along with it.  Especially if that person was your doctor.  I will explain how this could easily be done.

First of all, I want to say that while it is my firm belief that her doctor, Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, was her partner in this hoax, it doesn't necessarily mean that anyone else at the hospital was aware of it.  Childbirth is event that may or may not require medical intervention.  There have been babies who have been born at home, either planned with a midwife or as a surprise.  There have been babies who were born while traveling in cars, trying to get to the hospital.  Babies don't absolutely have to have a doctor or nurse in the same room with the mother in order to be born.  In fact, with childbirth, doctors and nurses are there mainly as support to monitor the mother and baby to make sure neither develop problems.  They monitor the mother's vital signs and fetal heart rate.  Periodically, they check the mother's cervix to see if it has thinned out and dilated enough to start pushing.

The only time it is absolutely necessary to have more medical personal involved is if there was a need to perform a C-section.  That obviously wasn't the case here.

So, if the governor of the state of Alaska, decides that she only wants her doctor to attend her while she is at the hospital, and the doctor is willing to do that, the hospital will allow that.  It frees up a nurse for them to attend to other patients.  It would not be unreasonable to assume that a high ranking official of the state might prefer her privacy.

The doctor would have her chart in the room and put on it what she wanted.  In fact, I believe that this is exactly what had to happen for Sarah Palin to have been able to stay in that hospital.  If other staff members had the chart, they would have every right to look through it.  If an ethical member of the staff had gotten it, and saw all of the risk factors the 'pregnancy' had, there is a chance that they would have notified supervisors and other staff members.  The hospital is not accredited to serve high risk pregnancies.  Their policy is to transport them to Providence Alaska Medical Center where there is a NICU.  Palingates did a excellent job going over and describing all of the inconsistencies of the story of the labor and delivery at the hospital.  Please review this information if you haven't already.

Revisiting the questions surrounding Trig's birth.

Since the policy of the hospital is to transport women with high risk pregnancies Providence Medical Center in Anchorage, the statement that Palin had to be 'induced' would be a large red flag.  If other hospital staff members were involved with her care, I imagine they would be questioning this.  If an induction needed to be done, obviously there would be time to get her to a better equipped hospital.

The Palins arrived at night.  It has been pointed out that they bypassed Providence Alaska Medical Center with his NICU and where Cathy Baldwin-Johnson had hospital staff privileges.  There was utterly no reason for them to drive past a hospital near the airport that was better equipped to care for a high risk pregnancy and where her own doctor could care for her, to go to a smaller hospital that was not set up to care for high risk pregnancies.  Not unless it would be much easier to get away with faking  labor and delivery to go along with a faked pregnancy, then it would make sense. 

Mat-Su Regional Hospital. This hospital is very small as hospitals go.  It only has 74 beds at the time of this writing.  At night, hospitals generally have a higher nurse/patient ratio.  Things are just not as busy at night typically.  If one area starts picking up, nurses can be pulled from another section.  There are not as many eyes on the floor at night.  Patients in L&D usually stay in their rooms.  They do sometimes go out if they are walking the floor to try to get contractions to kick in or speed up, but for the most part, there are not a lot of people walking around in the corridor.  This could be important.  Why?

If this scenario is correct, at some point the baby will have to be brought in.  I don't know if he was in a car outside, or already in the hospital with someone in another room, but at some point I believe that he has to be brought into Sarah Palin's room.  Then he can go to the nursery after CBJ 'cleans him up', weighs and measures him, notes a 'apgar score' and completes the paperwork.  There is going to be one time where it will be best to do this without being interrupted.  That time is going to be the nurses change of shift.  Hospital shifts generally run from 7-3, 3-11 and 11-7.  The nighttime shift, 11-7, has the next shift coming in at approximately 6:30 am, where they all get together and sit down in a room to receive report.  They have 30 minutes to pass information to the next shift about the patients that will be transferred to them.

There will be thirty minutes where they will be out of the halls and the corridors as they receive report.

Trig Palin's documented birth date?  April 18, 2008 6:30 am