Saturday, February 5, 2011

How To Fake Labor And Delivery At A Hospital

Even with all of the overwhelming evidence that Sarah Palin faked the pregnancy where she claimed that Trig Palin is her biological son, there are people who sincerely believe that this couldn't be the case.  They are not Palin supporters, but they don't believe that a hoax of this magnitude could be pulled off at a hospital.  "How, could she have gotten away with this when there are so many doctors, nurses, techs, ect, that would see her and be involved with her care?"

Well, it actually wouldn't be that difficult.  Not if you have someone on the inside who is willing to go along with it.  Especially if that person was your doctor.  I will explain how this could easily be done.

First of all, I want to say that while it is my firm belief that her doctor, Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, was her partner in this hoax, it doesn't necessarily mean that anyone else at the hospital was aware of it.  Childbirth is event that may or may not require medical intervention.  There have been babies who have been born at home, either planned with a midwife or as a surprise.  There have been babies who were born while traveling in cars, trying to get to the hospital.  Babies don't absolutely have to have a doctor or nurse in the same room with the mother in order to be born.  In fact, with childbirth, doctors and nurses are there mainly as support to monitor the mother and baby to make sure neither develop problems.  They monitor the mother's vital signs and fetal heart rate.  Periodically, they check the mother's cervix to see if it has thinned out and dilated enough to start pushing.

The only time it is absolutely necessary to have more medical personal involved is if there was a need to perform a C-section.  That obviously wasn't the case here.

So, if the governor of the state of Alaska, decides that she only wants her doctor to attend her while she is at the hospital, and the doctor is willing to do that, the hospital will allow that.  It frees up a nurse for them to attend to other patients.  It would not be unreasonable to assume that a high ranking official of the state might prefer her privacy.

The doctor would have her chart in the room and put on it what she wanted.  In fact, I believe that this is exactly what had to happen for Sarah Palin to have been able to stay in that hospital.  If other staff members had the chart, they would have every right to look through it.  If an ethical member of the staff had gotten it, and saw all of the risk factors the 'pregnancy' had, there is a chance that they would have notified supervisors and other staff members.  The hospital is not accredited to serve high risk pregnancies.  Their policy is to transport them to Providence Alaska Medical Center where there is a NICU.  Palingates did a excellent job going over and describing all of the inconsistencies of the story of the labor and delivery at the hospital.  Please review this information if you haven't already.

Revisiting the questions surrounding Trig's birth.

Since the policy of the hospital is to transport women with high risk pregnancies Providence Medical Center in Anchorage, the statement that Palin had to be 'induced' would be a large red flag.  If other hospital staff members were involved with her care, I imagine they would be questioning this.  If an induction needed to be done, obviously there would be time to get her to a better equipped hospital.

The Palins arrived at night.  It has been pointed out that they bypassed Providence Alaska Medical Center with his NICU and where Cathy Baldwin-Johnson had hospital staff privileges.  There was utterly no reason for them to drive past a hospital near the airport that was better equipped to care for a high risk pregnancy and where her own doctor could care for her, to go to a smaller hospital that was not set up to care for high risk pregnancies.  Not unless it would be much easier to get away with faking  labor and delivery to go along with a faked pregnancy, then it would make sense. 

Mat-Su Regional Hospital. This hospital is very small as hospitals go.  It only has 74 beds at the time of this writing.  At night, hospitals generally have a higher nurse/patient ratio.  Things are just not as busy at night typically.  If one area starts picking up, nurses can be pulled from another section.  There are not as many eyes on the floor at night.  Patients in L&D usually stay in their rooms.  They do sometimes go out if they are walking the floor to try to get contractions to kick in or speed up, but for the most part, there are not a lot of people walking around in the corridor.  This could be important.  Why?

If this scenario is correct, at some point the baby will have to be brought in.  I don't know if he was in a car outside, or already in the hospital with someone in another room, but at some point I believe that he has to be brought into Sarah Palin's room.  Then he can go to the nursery after CBJ 'cleans him up', weighs and measures him, notes a 'apgar score' and completes the paperwork.  There is going to be one time where it will be best to do this without being interrupted.  That time is going to be the nurses change of shift.  Hospital shifts generally run from 7-3, 3-11 and 11-7.  The nighttime shift, 11-7, has the next shift coming in at approximately 6:30 am, where they all get together and sit down in a room to receive report.  They have 30 minutes to pass information to the next shift about the patients that will be transferred to them.

There will be thirty minutes where they will be out of the halls and the corridors as they receive report.

Trig Palin's documented birth date?  April 18, 2008 6:30 am


  1. Thanks for posting again. I appreciate your work.

    Could you put a link on the blogspot that goes straight to your Pictures, comparing Palin at various mos. of pregnancy to women who are really pregnant?

  2. The more people break this story down, the more it sounds so far fetched that Sarah Palin was pregnant........thanks for this info.

  3. :::nodding::: Which meant that Sarah HAD to be on that flight from Texas... that particular flight.. because she HAD to arrive at night. So she could show up at the hospital late at night... around 2330, when the evening shift is leaving and the night shift is making first rounds on their patients. A doctor wheeling a patient up and saying "Maximum privacy. I'll call if I need anything..." I think there's a lot in what you say, but I will say that this would be stranger than you realize. Even for a governor. The nurses on the unit are responsible for that patient. They'd at least have called the night supervisor. Of course the doctor may have already contacted the supervisor and told her she was bring in the Governor and wanted a private room and would call when delivery was immanent. In which case the night supervisor would have contacted the administrator on call... or Risk Management... because this really is unusual.

    There's a lot in what you say, but I don't think we have it yet. I have a hard time believing that the doctor would play along to this extent.

    The other thing that occurs to me is that it's a small community and it's quite possible that one of the nurses was in league with Sarah.


  4. Do you have an opinion on whether Dar Miller would have had any connection to or knowledge of any of this?

  5. Ivyfree,

    You bring up good points. I will write a separate post to address them. I have worked in small hospitals and big hospitals. I suspect that Alaska and North Ga may be similar with the small town clicks and how politics work in the area. It certainly sounds familiar from listening to the Alaska blogs.

    The point you have brought up is the one that hangs up most people. To go over it in depth, may take a few posts.

    To Anon @ 3:18 pm,

    No, I'm sorry but I haven't done enough research on Dar Miller to have an opinion on that.

    Posted the pics for you. They're on the right under 'Palin's Peyton Place' website link.

  6. Thnaks for this. And do they want us to believe that CBJ place the IV, monitired the pitocin induction on the iv pump, etc etc etc. The docs i work with wouldn't be able to work our iv tubing and pumps...
    There were more people at Matsu complcit in the hoax as well. Have you made a complaint to JCAHO???

  7. Next Chapter.

    I look forward to reading those posts. I work in a fairly large hospital, part of a multistate healthcare organization, but I remember it when it was a singleton, small hospital. I agree that things can happen that later on you look at and go, "wow- what were they thinking?"

    As far as the doctor... I think we should be careful in suggesting anything unethical about anyone's professional practice, especially somebody who can be identified. I have seen no proof that CBJ did anything unethical. The fact that she showed up to an interview with an attorney and refused to answer questions makes me wonder if she did, at some point, sail pretty damn close to the wind, though!


  8. This is a great post. I've long believed that the best approach to this mystery is the one Agatha Christie's detective Poirot would have used: setting aside everything Palin said happened, what do we actually know?

    We know that Palin was in Dallas giving a speech at around noon on April 17th and that she flew home to Alaska on a two-leg flight sometime that afternoon. We know she was seen in Seattle by a fellow traveller that evening reading a book. We know that at noon on April 18th, Chuck and Sally Heath were filmed by KTUU at Mat-Su holding an infant.

    That is all we actually know. Everything else comes from the mouth of a proven liar - the water breaking, the induction, even a birth time of 6:30 am. None of that has been independently confirmed.

    It's also true that the only three people who would logically have to know Palin was faking a pregnancy are Palin herself, Dr. CBJ and presumably Todd. That's it.

    I live in a small town with a hospital abut the size of Mat-Su, and I delivered a baby there. I can't quite imagine a scenario where only the doctor was in the room with Palin. It seems that even at night, even with a patient requiring a high degree of privacy, protocol would require at least one nurse in as well. I agree with Ivyfree that we don't quite have it yet, but are close.

    As with so many aspects of this story, we are suffering from a lack of puzzle pieces.

    Similarly, we also know that the there is a high probability that the baby presented by Chuck and Sally Heath is not the same infant photographed at an event that Kristen Cole called a baby shower, and that the second baby is also the one photographed with Mercede and Levi at the Palin home.

    Why did she have two infants around during April 2008? We need more puzzle pieces.

    And, most importantly, if we assume she approached this the way she has approached everything else - for her own self-interest - why on earth would she adopt a special needs baby in the first place?

  9. Addendum: I mean, yes, we know it would be politically expedient to have a special needs kid. But is that what truly compelled her to pull off this elaborate scheme?

  10. We are getting there. It's taking baby-steps, but it's working. With people like "Ivyfree" and "Rationalist," we will succeed!

    The rumors and trolls are the biggest hindrance in putting the puzzle pieces together. If only I had the picture I saw of the Palins leaving Mat-Su thru the back door, the story above would be so much more believable. Totally isolated! KTUU was across the street. I don't think the picture of Trig was taken by KTUU.

    I have the e-mail from Lori Tipton telling me Mat-Su would not let them near the hospital. I think that picture of Trig, taken in the hallway at Mat-Su, was taken by an independent party and given to ADN.

    In all my research, I have only found Bristol to be pregnant once. That was with Trig, and I think Bristol gave birth on April 17th or 18th, 2008. The rumor she had a premie in early 2008, has been so solidly imbedded, to make room for another child..."Tripp," that it is almost impossible to decipher what really happened.

    Has anyone else noticed what an outstanding job her PR people have done? They have completely disassociated us with what we saw at the RNC. Now, it is all...Bristol with Tripp...Sarah with Trig...get it?

    This post was great! Let's keep on throwing our thoughts and ideas out there.

    Thanks to everyone who tries...

  11. Hi, Ginger - Are you the person who sent a copy of a Lori Tipton email to Patrick when he was guest poster at Palingates?

    The images I'm referring to are video footage from inside Mat-Su aired on KTUU on April 18th.

    I feel it's important to focus on what we actually know. As far as I'm aware, there's no proof that Bristol gave birth to the child we now know as Trig, though there is evidence she was pregnant before Tripp. And as far as Lori Tipton goes, as an admitted "Palin fan," I'm not sure she's an unbiased witness to events at Mat-Su that day. But it is interesting that she acknowledged that Mat-Su wouldn't confirm whether or not Palin was a patient. That actually supports the scenario posited on this page.

    I'm very curious: what picture did you see of the Palins leaving Mat-Su? Where did you see it? I've never heard of a picture like that.


  12. Two fires - first at Palin's church highly publicized and very effective in destroying hospital records.
    Second fire not investigated and almost forgotten except that the only report made a comment that the "door was locked" implying this fire could not have been arson - must have been an accident.
    I'm curious. Front door may indeed have been locked, but don't houses usually have two doors? Another question - how could two dogs and Dar Miller have slept through the smoke alarms? I say someone entered the house, murdered Dar Miller, started the fire and either left by secondary door or out front door setting the lock and pulling door closed afterwards.
    The key here is comment "door locked" which is only important if you are trying to prove that Dar herself was responsible for fire.

  13. See "A Tale of 2 Babies":

    That was not Trig that Palin's parents showed off to reporters in the hallway -- note that they were *not* in the maternity ward -- it was some baby with a "ruffled" ear. Trig was probably a few weeks old at that point and too large to show off as a preemie. Bristol using a fake name probably gave birth to him at one of the big hospitals with appropriate facilities in Anchorage.

    Something happened the night before the "wild ride" that required Sarah to get back in a hurry. Maybe Trig was getting jaundiced and needed special sun lamp treatment at Mat-Su. But under what name do you get him admitted so that insurance will pay? Maybe Sarah needed to get back to sign adoption papers so Trig is officially her son before admittance to hospital. A lot of conjecture here, but I think I am close.