Sunday, March 20, 2011

People Lie, Science Doesn't.

I am still planning to write a post on the psychological aspect of the pregnancy hoax at a later time. This post is about what is obvious to me, but may need to be spelled out to the general public.

I continue to be surprised that there are people who believe that Sarah Palin was pregnant with, and gave birth to Trig Palin. I'm not talking about the Palin supporters. I'm sure there are people in that group who realize that this was a faked pregnancy. Their comments are usually along the lines of, "Well, so why does it matter? Maybe she did it to protect a family member." Or, "This shouldn't matter, she gave a Down Syndrome baby a good home." Of course, there are some that just go along with it, they are the ones who are the most venomous of any questions of the pregnancy. I believe it is because they are terrified of it being the truth. Palin has gained a lot of political traction with this tale with the pro-life group.

No, the ones that surprise me are the ones who are anti-Palin, that give credence to this story. They prefer to go with the 'see-what-bad-decision-she-makes-'Wild-Ride'-tale. The Wild Ride story, all by itself, should have most people understanding that she was never pregnant with Trig. That's WITHOUT even seeing the pictures of how impossible it was.

But this post is about the 'pregnancy' pictures and the science that contradicts it.

I have heard many people say when they are trying to explain the pictures, "I know ________ who never got very big with her pregnancy." I know that can happen. I have taken care of two women in the hospital that were post-partum that didn't show much. One was very tall and it was her first pregnancy. The other woman was overweight and tall, also her first pregnancy. So yes, that happens with some pregnancies, but it is rare. I would be rarer still for it to happen with a woman who is less than 5.5 ft and slender, who was supposedly having her seventh pregnancy. Especially one whose first pregnancy looked like this:

Palin 1st Pregnancy crop

But pretend it happened just the way Sarah Palin said it happened. Let's compare another pregnancy of a woman who photographed herself until her eighth month. Ironically, she is also the mother of a Down Syndrome son who was born in 2009. I first found her monthly pregnancy progression on a post by palingates. It was titled, Sarah Palin and Down Syndrome: Spot the Difference. Regina found a blog that a woman was running that was about her son, Max. It is a wonderful blog that is titled, Hang On Little Tomato. Her name is Catherine Just. I encourage everyone to read it. It radiates the love this woman has for her son and her family.

Here is a compost picture of her pregnancy taken each month. The dates at the bottom are the dates each month of her pregnancy. She was in her eight month of pregnancy when she gave birth.

8 month compare catherine

This is a natural progression of a real pregnancy. A woman's body has to have time to adapt to accommodate the size and weight of a baby. The uterus will increase to 20 times its original weight, and 1,000 times its initial capacity. In most women, there is pain and discomfort that occurs even with this slow progression. Part of this pain is caused by round ligament pain. This is the pain caused from the ligaments around the uterus. From the link it describes it like this:

* Your uterus is normally the size of a pear. Thick ligaments, one of which is called the round ligament, hold your uterus in suspension within your abdomen. As the uterus grows in size and weight, these ligaments become very long and thin, stressing and tensing like rubber bands.

* The ligaments pull and tug on nearby nerve fibers and sensitive structures, causing pain. The severity of pain can worry you. Although round ligament pain is uncomfortable, it is also very normal.

There are many aspects of pregnancy that can be uncomfortable. Nausea, vomiting, constipation, frequent urination and hemorrhoids are just a few that come to mind. Those are common with most pregnancies. But people can also have those symptoms without being pregnant. I want to focus on pain that is cause by the physical body changes that happen due to a pregnancy.

Round ligament pain is a direct result of the stretching of the ligaments caused by the expanding uterus. This expansion is from the growing of the fetus. It is bones and tissue along with the mass of the uterus that surrounds it. It is solid and unyielding. It has to grow at a relatively slow rate to keep the uterus from rupturing. If Sarah Palin had been pregnant the way she claims, she would have to have progressed from 0 (not pregnant) to a full eight month pregnancy in four weeks. Here is a link to the reference used Try to imagine it, EVERY WEEK having the uterus forced to stretch to a size that should normally take TWO MONTHS.

33 days with L and W

If this had actually happened the way she claimed, she would have been in the hospital screaming in pain. Doctors and scientists would have been studying her. Medical Journals would have reported it. The human body just does not work like that.

But now there is another problem. Supposedly the pregnancy progressed in an even shorter period than that! When we take 'The Nail In The Coffin' picture, that Audrey found when she blogged on 'Palin's Deceptions we find that she also showed no signs of pregnancy on March 26, 2008, when she was suppose to be 31 weeks pregnant. Just one week short of supposedly becoming 8 months pregnant.

march 26 2008 31 wks

And the time period where she finally begins to 'show' is also shorter. It is not gradual in the least. Now she is suppose to be the size she might be if she was actually pregnant. We see on April 8, 2008, where she is pictured with Elan Frank. Mr. Frank was doing a documentary on exceptional women and chose to have Sarah Palin in it. There is also a picture of a screen grab that was taken at that time of her thumping on her stomach.

April 8 with Ealan Frank

Those two pictures are 13 days apart. Just under two weeks. That would mean that her uterus would have to be forced to stretch by FOUR MONTHS, EVERY WEEK.


Sarah Palin would have been in the hospital if that had actually happened, but not from being in unbelievable excruciating pain, that is a given. She would be in surgery due to having her uterus rupture. She sure as hell wouldn't have been saying this:

If you still believe that Sarah Palin was pregnant with Trig, you might want to take a refresher course in biology.


  1. This is an EXCELLENT post! I hope it has legs!!

  2. Wow- the best one yet on this topic. How to "refudiate" that I will never know!

  3. Thanks for bringing this to light again. If she's determined to stay in the news, we should do all we can to help ;) Sarah could even be eligible for the Guiness book of World Records!!

    In all seriousness, I would love for someone who is an expert in reading body language to evaluate her little chat with Elan Frank. It comes across as very deceitful with her rocking back and forth in the chair and the facial expressions she makes. Tight abs, my ass!

  4. So, this is weird but here goes. I dont think anyone will argue with the observation that Trig looks like Piper and in certain pictures, he looks like all the other kids as well. All kids bear some resemblance to Todd, some more than others. All kids bear resemblance to Sarah, including Trig.

    Ok, what if Trig IS the product of Sarah*Todd, but he was born via surrogate? I know the Downs thing is the pickle and without the abnormality, begs the question why would Sarah and Todd use a surrogate to conceive a fifth child. I see both T and S in Trig and I also see a non-pregnant woman in those photos. DAMNIT lol

  5. Color me confused:

    The situation resolves if you give credence to the idea that Tri-g is Bristol's first surviving pregnancy.

    Of course, she gave birth to him at least two months earlier than his stated date of birth.


  6. Ivy, Trig isn't Bristol's. He could possibly be Todd+mistress but he is not Bristols biological child.

  7. Great post! Factual, with excellent pictures. Thanks for keeping at it. I'm excited to see you now have a blog. Thanks.

  8. @ Color Me Confused: Please cite your source for that information. How do you know Trig isn't Bristol's biological child?

  9. Color Me Confused:

    What evidence have you? There are people who saw Bristol pregnant during the winter of 07-08, video of her at an MTV taping with a huge belly in October of 07, plus her aunt who said she stayed with her during her pregnancy although that wasn't during the Tripp pregnancy, when her whereabouts were more closely tracked. I'm open to the possibility of Tri-g's being somebody else's baby; given the knowledge of Bristol's earlier pregnancy, though, it seems most likely. Plus the fact that Bristol appeared in "traffic court" on a Saturday in January 08 despite the fact that traffic court doesn't happen on Saturdays- only occasional family court things happen then. I think there is plenty of evidence that Bristol had an earlier baby- of course, that earlier baby might not have been Trig.

    1. People who saw her pregnant? Funny. She wasn't a hermit and actually was social. Re: attending a friend's Hawaii wedding in November AND flying to Juneau in mid December. She was with her cousin in an Anch mall days before XMAS 07.

      And huge belly at TRL? Really? Because if you blow up a pic of her sitting, you can see her shirt rumpling and her sitting comfortably wearing a pretty tight, form fitting skirt.

      Remember, when she moved to Anch to avoid going back to school with nasty catty girls, she and Levi did break up and they both saw other people, though innocently. Levi's a makeout king and Bristol just likes to be asked iceskating. She frequently complained that all Levi likes to do is watch tv at his mom's house.

      There could be a number of reasons THE GOVERNORS DAUGHTER went to traffic court on Saturday. That was like 2 months before Sarah's staff started talking as if she WAS going to be the VP nom. The last thing they needed was someone to take a picture of a Palin kid entering a courthouse, nevermind that it was for a stupid, common ticket.

      Think about all the paparazzi who take pictures of people like Jen Aniston walking into a dentist office (ie generic building) and write that she spent hours seeing fertility specialists.

      The media knows how to manipulate.

  10. Color me Confused:

    I do not see any resemblance between Todd and any of the Palin children except perhaps Bristol. Of course, everyone sees these things differently.

    I find your messaging interesting-- First, the kids all look like Todd, then-- Trig isn't Bristol's. Furthermore, Trig looks like Sarah and finally-- maybe because it was done via a surrogate mother, which would explain why Sarah didn't look pregnant.

    Good Job there "Confused." You may be confused, but I am not. Trig is not Sarah's biological child. PERIOD. That is the key point here.
    Sarah has lied about this over and over. PERIOD.

  11. Who saw Bristol pregnant in the fall/winter?

    She had the same belly in June 07 as Oct 07/TRL
    Check out that picnic photo where she served food alongside Sarah

    I know Mercede can't be trusted now, but I find it odd that there were people who knew of the pregnancy and Levi's sister not only knew nothing, but initially swore up and down Bristol was NOT pregnant before Tripp. She has changed her story since to questioning whether she was.

    I admit I am not going by hard evidence but neither are any of you, including the folks at PG. Just because someone says "Bristol is pregnant definitely does not mean she was" Thanks Patrick for messing with people's minds. It's like when Grpyhen started the hateful lie about Bristol being pregnant last summer. This does not help and only makes his followers look like the gullible morons they usually show themselves to be.

    There have been so many lies told by valley teens, Levi, Bristol, Mercede, Sarah that onlookers heads are imploding with ridiculous fabrications.

    until hard evidence shows up, I suggest we give up the rumormongering and inane gossiping

    Bristol refers to Trig as "baby brother bear" (as early as Sunday 3/20. Thats the same sentiment Willow and Piper show toward him. Trig is loved like a brother. THAT is all that matters.

  12. correction:
    *as late as Sunday 3/20/11, this past Sunday

  13. Heather - you sound like a palin troll. I totally laughed out loud when i read your comments. Are you kidding me?? Really? i have a bridge to nowhere I'd like to sellya. I've given birth and I'm not one of her flying monkeys. I see the lies. It's in the pictures and on the record. That stupid wench pulled a hoax - LIED - to the whole country and continues to lie....go back to your flying monkey nest and stfu. Tell the palins we're not backing off and don't let the door hit you in the ass...buh-bye

  14. Hey "Heather"--

    Really- you guys are just too easy-- You wrote
    "Trig is loved LIKE a brother." Does that mean that he isn't really Willow's and Piper's brother? Because, you see, in the English language that I know and love, to say that you love someone LIKE a sister MEANS THAT SHE'S NOT REALLY YOUR SISTER, BUT THAT YOU LOVE HER AS IF SHE WAS YOUR SISTER.

    Then you go on to say "THAT is all that matters." So, really, you are making the point FOR US- thank you!! In other words, Trig is NOT REALLY THEIR BROTHER, BUT THEY LOVE HIM AS IF HE WAS.

    Truly, I cannot find the words to describe the mind fog and confusion that the Palin defenders have to live with each day. I can only hope that someday, a bit of sunlight will shine through the fog.

  15. It was not a hateful lie Gryphen started that BS was PG last year. Lots of people thought she was some even said it was a sure thing. Her belly, boobs, and back side got huge during her DWTS time. Who gains 20 pounds working out like that everyday? We don't know what happened to that baby, but that's the way they do everything. They trot out in front of the crowd to makes bucks, but keep many things hidden.

    One thing that is certain $P did not give birth to Trigg. There is a you tube video of a reporter that stated for a fact that BS is the mother. I think the Paylins and McCain camp worked real hard to scrub everything they could find before Triggs public appearance, but a few things got past them. They most likely threatened or paid off everyone they thought knew something, but here again some people have told what they know. The Trigg rumors began before the PG was announced. There is just too much smoke to go with the Paylins there has to be fire. And no it's not all the Libs and Obama who have had problems with them like she likes to claim. Most are AK republicans. I get so sick of hearing her defenders repeat her lies like they are the truth to try and explain away all of her problems. If they would just do some fact checking maybe some would come to their senses. There have been so many lies about President Obama and sometimes I think they might be true, but I research to separate fact from fiction. The lie that I hate the most is that he voted to kill live babies, that's crazy but people believe it. I don't think I have ever heard of any other public figures that have been as corrupt as the Paylins and nothing ever stops them. When will they pay for their crimes, why do even some AK police and FBI cover for them? My guess is they would incriminate themselves as well and there may be other threats involved. Remember the Paylins try to destroy who ever they think crosses them in the slightest way. Can you imagine how scary it would be to have them in the White house. Not just because they would cause the world to go to hell, but they really would carry out the most evil acts against so many people. I think they rate right up there with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

  16. I see stupid people on this blog.

    To 'conscious at last', your logic is ridiculous.
    I never said Sarah gave birth to Trig, I only said there's no read proof that Bristol did. But there is proof that she was NOT Pregnant before. and there is proof that Lyda Green and her people told lots of lies due to anger toward Sarah (for no reason). Bristol was seen in public Jan 08 and on. In oct 07, she did not have a rounded belly. She had some ab fat but thats even questionable due to the video quality. She looked bigger in june 07 at the picnic.

    and btw, if Bristol were pregnant during dwts, it would have been leaked somehow to the press. She would have had a rounded belly and not just ab fat once again. People believe what they want to believe. DWTS lasts 3 months. The progression would have been more obvious. She wasn't even that big, maybe a size 10-12. She wore the same spanx she wore in her engagement pictures from the summer. Spanx do not diminish a growing uterus like she was able to do.

    Also, there is no video saying with certainty that Bristol gave birth to Trig. There's the video with that man saying there was a RUMOR of a previous pregnancy. However, we now know rumors have legs in AK because people are stupid and bored and hateful. If Bristol was pregnant in fall 07, the pregnancy could not have progressed past 2nd trimester as there was hardly any belly as late as October and she was seen in public in Jan 08 (school)

    Continuing to spread rumors helps no one AND most certainly makes liberals as a whole look ridiculously stupid. If people can generalize and call ALL tea partiers racist, I can do the same and call all liberals moronic pieces of putrified garbage who endlessly make up lies to feed their hateful agenda. Do you like tasting your own medicine?

    "I don't think I have ever heard of any other public figures that have been as corrupt as the Paylins"

    Well open your eyes deary. All politicians are corrupt. The Palins are elementary compared to most of them. The Palins are not evil and do not destroy people. They may have denied people govt jobs but thats hardly destroying them. Have you met them? Have you met their friends? Don't judge based on what you read on blogs. Blogs aren't truth, no matter the subject matter.

    I met Bristol last summer (early June) and was impressed. She's a sweet person and real fun to be around. They are a normal family. They defend each other, they joke with each other, Willow and Todd are hilarious with each other.

    But none of you will believe it because you believe nothing positive. You beg for people who have met/know the Palins to come forward and defend her yet you attempt to discredit them at all costs. What's funny is, most of her critics haven't met her yet feel justified in retelling fabricated stories that probably aren't true.

    The problem is, Wasilla teens lies, Levi lies, Sherry lies, Mercede lies, Bristol lies, Sarah lies, humans lies. So all the info we have to go on is tainted, which is why it's imperative not to judge but instead leave things be. No one's being hurt by any of this. There are far too many other problems that have nothing to do with this family.

    NYC cops running a prostitution ring, Libya, power hungry Muslims, LAPD, natural disasters thay seem hellbent on destroying the world again...

    And you all feel the need to debate whether or not a young lady has more than one child.

  17. I am having fun with you Heather--

    So let's make it simple. There is only ONE POINT here. SARAH PALIN did not give birth to TRIG. PERIOD.

    If you want to muddy the waters with all this other nonsense- go ahead, have a great time. But I suspect that you are all over the map with your confusing comments BECAUSE you cannot admit, or simply state the obvious: SARAH PALIN lied- big time!!

    She claims that she gave birth to Trig and she DIDN'T. That's a pretty big whopper - don't ya think ?!?!? Actually it would be a deal breaker for many of her supporters. Right- you know I'm right.

    So my dear Heather - take a breath, look in the mirror and whisper it-- to yourself, so no one will hear you..go ahead.. whisper it: "I know that Sarah Palin lied, she did not give birth to Trig."
    Ahhhh, there now, doesn't that feel better?

  18. Okay, so since everyone lies, and it's a human thing, I guess we should all just let this one go, huh? Hahaha... her defenders are hilarious!

    Of all the liars in politics, this is a new one. Sarah Palin's ENTIRE PLATFORM was based on her pro-life credentials. All of these "hateful lies and rumours" could have been put to bed three years ago. Funny - there are rumours about her fake pregnancy, but no rumours that she might be an alien. Point is, there would never have been any rumours or gossip about this if a GOVERNOR and VP PICK chose not to FAKE A PREGNANCY.
    Since she did - here we are.
    I don't care who had the baby. I'm not interested in maligning teenagers. I am only interested in the exposure of a massive hoax perpetrated on the voting public of the USA (the same USA that "nice girl" Bristol wants to give a huge middle finger to - talk about hateful!).

  19. "And you all feel the need to debate whether or not a young lady has more than one child."

    No, go back and read the post again. It's about SARAH and her FAKE PREGNANCY. No young ladies were mentioned anywhere in the post.
    What we're discussing here is Sarah Palin's fake pregnancy with Trig.

    Everyone lies... even photos? The twisted logic you'd have to employ to believe SP WAS pregnant with Trig would make anyone crazy.

    "Even if she did fake the pregnancy, it's nobody's business, let it go, at least a DS baby has a good home" in 3... 2... 1...

  20. I did not argue with the post's premise. I agree with it. Quit putting words in my comment you asshole.

    I was commenting on the Bristol side because that is what gets brought up. Why are liberals sooo deranged and one-sided thinkers?

  21. I find it funny that you all get sooo worked up over nothing and Palin supporters calmly go about their days, living their lives, not concerning themselves with trivial and crap that doesn't matter. You all need to chill out. There have been and will be far greater hoaxes, lies, and scandals that have nothing to do with Sarah. There are things more important to worry about that whether a woman faked a pregnancy.

    Chill out people. Let it go. You will be much happier people, I promise ;)

    1. Heather... or should I say Sarah... you are an ahole.

  22. So Heather (or Bristol, or whoever you are) you are just fine with a woman who wants to be the leader of the free world faking a pregnancy? Seriously? I thought the conservatives were all about family values. Clinton was nearly run out of office for having oral sex with a woman...meanwhile Gingrich, who led the charge, was fooling around on his wife. This is not pocketing an extra nickel at the grocery store...this is a serious character flaw in a person. A woman who will go to elaborate lengths to fake a pregnancy will lie about anything, to anyone. She is a danger to this country.

  23. You gotta love people who come on this blog swearing up and down that the Palins are just a nice, normal family.

    You met Bristol once and boy howdee, she sure was sweet and fun. And Todd and Willow are so funny together. And all those Valley teens lie (but not Bristol, because you met her once and she was sweet and fun). And the Palins never hurt anybody.

    Leeeeeve Sarah alone!!!

    And, apparently, Palin supporters go about their days, not concerned with any of this, except for the times they flood a blog comment section defending Sarah and Bristol and the rest of the clan.


  24. Sarah is a fraud; some people may never admit it, but that does not change the facts. She faked a pregnancy and that is that. If more people would look at this issue she would be finished. No sane person, no matter how beguiled, could support anyone who would create such a hoax. This is not minor stuff, this is major stuff!! And I am glad no one will let go of this. It needs to be continually brought up, if for no other reason that to let politicians know that they will continue to be investigated. No matter what.

  25. Hi there Bristol (?)/Heather-

    I have a daughter your age, and as a mom, I want to share a few things with you--

    First, know that you are loved, that you are part of an enormous, infinite weave of love. Whatever is causing you pain in this life can be healed.

    Second, know that there are many of us out here who wish you no ill, but we CANNOT tolerate
    outrageous lies from those who would purport to lead us in this nation.

    Third, know that YOU can say NO to those who would use YOU for their own ego driven purposes.

    Finally, I am glad to see that you do not disagree with the premise of this post- that Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig. You know the truth.

  26. Terrific post! This is the first time I've seen the round-ligament aspect of pregnancy mentioned--and I'm rubbing my sides nostalgically!

  27. Heather is not Bri$tol - she is too articulate, and her grammar is pretty OK too, also...

  28. This is the second time I am going to try posting. This morning I wrote a comment and it did not post. Almost 15 years ago I was pregnant for the first time. My husband & I were living in Lawrence Kansas going to college. My grandmother was very ill and my parents wanted me home for the summer, so off I went back to Alaska. I used a travel agency since I did not have the time to make my own travel arrangements. After the arrangements were made I was told that I would need to bring a doctors note since I was 34 weeks pregnant. It took me a day and a 1/2 to get to the Lower Yukon area of Alaska, and I was so tired for the next couple of days! SP did not make that "wild ride" while she was pregnant! She was 15-20 years older than me when I made my trip home, by that time of your pregnancy you tire easily, not to mention the thought of sitting in the planes.

  29. So using the hypothesis that Trig was born via surrogate, what is the logic behind covering that up? Is it against her religious beliefs? Was someone worried about ethical issues? Is this a normal approach recommended in surrogate process? Also, if she is trying to cover up surrogacy, then doesn't she look bad for taking that long flight home after her water broke? Finally, at what point is this an issue of her right to privacy vs the need for her to demonstrate integrity if she wants to be POTUS?

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Laura: the logic behind covering it up, if Trig was born via surrogate, was not to cover up, but to pad her credentials as a pro-life candidate. A pretend game that made her look better than if she were to just adopt. "Having" the baby makes her look as if she's walking the pro-life walk.

    She does look terrible for taking that long flight home, pretending that her water broke. But, reproduction and childbirth are such a private thing that nobody was/is willing to ask too many questions. SP was also very defensive in her fabrication of the birth tale, which effectively made people feel that if they question it, they're dirty rumourmongers trying to invade her privacy. But the birth fable, with its unnecessary and weird nonsensical details, not only leads to confusion and question, but also might lead one to believe she's an open book about her private life (as she's stated on so many occasions how she has "nothing to hide").

    Fake pregnancy, fake doctor's letter on the eve of the election, parading her special needs child around, literally using him for votes. She's invited us to hear about her phony pregnancy and her children time and time again. She gave up her right to privacy when she wanted to help run the US with McCain, and her life and her credentials were made available for scrutiny so the people would know if she would act in their best interests were she elected. Some measure of privacy should be afforded every public figure, yes, that's true. SP can have all the privacy she wants, as she demonstrates when she speaks publicly and asks no media to record her. Yes, she had her own reality show saying take a look at my private life, and wrote two books asking us to read about her private life. That doesn't mean she's not entitled to privacy.
    But what's happened is that she's made her private family life public, and her public political life has been made very private.

    It's completely backwards for her to sing a song out loud in a roomful of people and ask that nobody listen.
    I love the fact too that her followers are here trying to rationalize her craziness, and when they can't, they say just let it go! Hahahaha!!!

  32. more incredible to me - is even after the Gusty photos where she is big as a house, she was not visibly pregnant when she boarded the plane to come home from TX.

    that alone makes it obvious that she wore an empathy belly for a week or so to appear pregnant when people started questioning her lack of an obvious pregnancy.

    if only she looked as pregnant as Bristol did on DWTS.

  33. In the Palin emails that were released awhile back, someone asked Todd/Sarah if they wanted the baby added to her insurance.That should have only been a question if he were adopted.- That is a major clue. Most babies are automatically added to the parents policy as of the date of birth-no questions asked because that is standard practice.. The mother's childbirth claim is used as the proof of birth.

    Her insurance files will never be available but I bet they have the answer.

    An adopted child is added as of the date of adoption which is probably what happened with Trig.

  34. I will probably push back the post that I want to do about the psychology aspect of this story again. I think what will be more important at this time will be to address the excuses being given by Palin supporters that this somehow shouldn't matter. To me, that is a form of madness in itself. It is hard to imagine that this would be ok with anyone, even if you support that politician.

    So my next post will address that. It will take some time again since now I am in the middle of changing jobs. But it is important that the misconception that this was 'ok' in any shape form or fashion be put to bed.

  35. I haven't checked here in a while and now this flurry of activity! I need to stay more in the loop.

    Speaking only for myself: I think people gravitate to the Bristol as Trig's mom story because it seems the most logical and there were rumors. But this is Palin, so logic doesn't necessarily apply. I think what we established a while ago is that Bristol was likely pregnant before Tripp, but that baby is gone. It may have been Ruffles, it may have been given up for adoption. Trig was procured somewhere.

    The Bristol story is easier to explain to outsiders, so I kind of go with it. But Gryphen's been hinting for two years that the truth is darker than we realize. I think the truth is fully in Twin Peaks territory.

  36. Palin's supporters are having a more difficult time ignoring babygate. This post is so good, like so much of the work by PD, PG, etc.. It is difficult to look at the work here and then to still insist that Palin gave birth. So, Palin's defenders are reduced to changing the issue--i.e.-- "it doesn't matter"... or "Trig is loved LIKE a brother"..., etc.

    I view this "flip flopping" as a slow, slithering dance toward admitting the truth-- Palin did not birth Trig. Even "Heather" who commented above tells us that she does not disagree with the premise of this post, yet she feels that she has to defend Bristol for some reason.

    I do not care who the parents of Trig are. It does not matter. The key point is that Palin told an outrageous lie-- a lie that demonstrated tremendous contempt for the electorate in general and for her supporters in particular. Boy, if I had been defending Palin for the last two years re:babygate and I'd finally realized the truth, I'd be pretty angry now.

  37. Hear, hear, Conscious.

  38. Holy moly. No proof, just conjecture.
    This is worse than the folks who demand Obama's "real" Birth Certificate.
    Just wow.

  39. To 'honest rob', what exactly are you accusing of being conjecture in this post?

    Is it the photographs, the timing of the photographs or the validity of the photographs, (i.e. actual photographs from reliable sources) that you doubt? Because if that is the case. You are wrong. The photos have been thoroughly examined. The location, timing and validity have been verified.

    Is it the science that is utilized that you disagree with? The science that explains how a fetus grows along with the mass of the uterus during a real pregnancy giving you the problem? Have you ever studied physical biology?

    This is not a legal question of birth certificates, (which, in regards to Obama's birth certificate, he provided and has been proven to be authentic). This is BIOLOGY!!!

    That is why the title of this post is, 'People Lie, Science Doesn't'. Because science doesn't lie. It doesn't doesn't have a bias or a partisan leaning. Science, especially biology, follows it's own natural course. It is what it is.

    If you believe there may be errors in the post regarding the accuracy of the science, please, feel free to take it to an OB GYN doctor, show it to him or her, and see what they say. If they state that there is an error anywhere in this post, I will post that. I will then do research and check out those errors and post what my research has shown and post links to that.

    My goal has always been to find the truth.

  40. I found it interesting that Gawker is now attempting to scoop this when it's been in the blogosphere for so long.!5791915/did-sarah-palin-carry-out-the-biggest-hoax-in-american-political-history

  41. Great Work - Still I think the baby is her son Track's.

  42. Wow, everyone! I can see Sara and Bristol Palin's livers, spleens, stomachs and intestines in these posts. If you guys figure out a way to get the blood out of them--maybe they will just disappear, and then you will have to look for another victim to dissect. I believe that the first rule of JUDGING is speculation--which is talking about and speculating on something you actually have no knowledge of--but it sure is delicious--isn't it? That ol'demon called Ms.Vicious Gossip! Amazing!