Sunday, September 4, 2011

Curious E-Mail

This was one of the emails that was sent out with the initial batch of emails released from Palin's time as Governor.

This always struck me as odd. On April 13,2008, Chuck Stack wishes Sarah Palin 'Good Luck' with her 'delivery', like a package, and then immediately expresses his hope that she will become 'Vice President Palin'.

This is before she is picked to run as Vice President. I doubt she was even on McCain's short list at this point.

I don't know who Chuck Stack is, but is sure is a coincidence that he put 'delivery' and 'Vice President' together with that sentence.

Things that make you go, 'hummmm'.

April, 13, 2008_Page_1

April, 13, 2008_Page_2


  1. I live very close to Aurora, IL - just 10 miles away...

    hmmmm... indeed.

    1. Want to come over for pizza sometime? Best, Chuck

  2. Phone: 630-236-5971

  3. Very interesting indeed.


  5. Very interesting!

    With a little internet sleuthing, I found a Charles and Virginia Stack who matched the address at the bottom of the email.

    Virginia is Virginia M.(Miller)Stack who is...wait for it... a Family Counselor.There was no explanation of what his business was and the number has been disconnected.

    I tried to look up any church connections with them or her service, but came up blank, though this might be an interesting line of inquiry. If she is a counselor along the lines of Marcus Bachman (counsels through the Bible), we may have the beginning of a thread that explains where Trig came from or how the adoption was arranged/how he was found.

  6. User talk: CStack3

    2. September 2008
    Welcome to Wikipedia. The project's content policies require that all articles be written from a neutral point of view, and not introduce bias or give undue weight to viewpoints. Please bear this in mind when making edits such as your recent edit to Sarah Palin. You may also wish to read the introduction to editing. Thank you. ThaddeusB (talk) 02:33, 1 September 2008 (UTC)

    Sounds like a Palin fan to me wishing her well on her impending "delivery".

    From: [] Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2008 2:49 PM To: Governor Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored) Subject: Environment
    Web mail from: Mr. Charles Stack address: 290 Shadybrook Lane Aurora IL 60504
    SARA PALIN FOR VICE-PRESIDENT!!!!! Best of luck with your pregnancy Sc all the best, Chuck Stack, MPH, Vice President for 2Ci,

  7. Two emails now from this guy, one on March 30, 2008 with a subject line of "Environment", and one dated April 13, 2008 with subject line of "Elections".

    Yes, there is something odd.

    His website: And it's banner: "Protecting people from poison and pollution" - Palin doesn't give a rats ass about pollution; this guy bases his livelihood from cleaning-up polluted water.

    Another email for him:

  8. Isn't MPH master of public health?

    1. Correct, University of Illinois School of Public Health, 1982, specializing in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences. I'm an expert in greenhouse gas mitigation with two patents, publications and projects worldwide. I'm also a Reagan Republican and big fan of Jack Kemp, James Baker and George Schultz.

  9. I posted this because Anon 283 posted in IM's blog comments that the emails show that Sarah was not pregnant with Trig, and this email has always bothered me.

    It is not just the wording of it, it is also that is sent 5 days before the 'delivery' arrives. It is another 5 weeks before she is supposedly 'due' to give birth.

    The timing of the email as well as the wording that is used is what has bothered me with it. It may just be a fan mail with incredible timing, but I wondered if it might be an email that was overlooked.

    At this point, we don't know who was in on the hoax.

  10. yeah, this and the "new puppy" is ready email. very curious...

  11. Great sleuthing!! Needs a wider audience. What can we do?

  12. Would a WHOIS tell us anything when we can identify
    his company website?

  13. On 2/04/08, he emailed Gov. Linda Lingle of Hawaii that SHE should be McCain's V.P. pick.

    He also introduced himself as "an environmental scientist who has served as science and economic adviser to several GOP politicians ..."

    The email is contained in a .pdf document at:

    (Either go to page 126, page 147 where it's repeated along with her reply, or search the document for "stack".)


    He has a Masters in Public Health and has a company that receives environmental awards.

    Anonymous8:02 above has him pegged as an advisor to GOP politicians. He met her somewhere and kept in touch when he heard news of her pregnancy and the VP talk.

    Floyd Orr might know if he is connected to any of the Palin puppet masters. But he could be just an aging guy who thinks he's a player, who courts all the Republican politicians he can so that someday they'll choose him to advise them.

  15. I don't think this indicates a conspiracy so much as a guy who does a little research before his meetings.

    I was perusing the ADN website on the wayback machine and found an article in mid-March which referred both to Palin's recent pregnancy announcement and her prospects as a VP candidate. I'd post the link but for some reason I can't connect to wayback right now.

    1. Why don't you just ask me? You have my email, home and company addresses!!

      Yup, I'm Chuck Stack, MPH, and author of the emails to Palin. I've been an environmental consulting scientist for over 25 years, and have advised GOP politicians including US Rep. Harris Fawell (13th IL), Gov. Henry Bellmon (OK), US Sen. Jim Inhofe (OK) and many others.

      I initiated contact with Gov. Palin to see if she would the point I emailed to her, much of the focus in the election was upon Hillary vs. Obama, and I was curious how many credible women were in the GOP who might be a "foil" to a joint Obama/Clinton ticket. I found two: Palin and Lingle. I emailed to both, and Sarah's political advisors responded. I doubt if I had any influence on her selection however.

      It is not that difficult to "penetrate" the firewall surrounding public officials if you know how to do it! By writing emails to the general website addresses for "Environment" and "Elections," I knew that someone within Palin's circle would see them and, hopefully, pass them along. In fact, Todd Palin did send me a very gracious note.

      My intentions were honest and friendly....I think that Sarah and Todd were probably over there heads, and wish I could have coached Gov. Palin during the campaign. I was intrigued that Sarah has a stronger environmental stance than many in the now-conservative dominated GOP, and Todd is both Native American descent and a commercial fisherman, which is an increasingly important industry to the USA and world economy.

      No conspiracy, just good GOP politics, folks! I supported Gov. Jon Hunstman Jr. in 2012, and will probably vote for the Green candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, vs. either of the other two. Obama will carry IL easily. Have fun, Chuck

  16. This is Shailey, I just want to let everyone know, APD’s Lt Dave Parker has admitted to Tiemessen, Palin’s lawyer calling him to ask him if he made a press release. The Atlantic, Malia Litman have wrote about this. Now I have too: and

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